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  • What We Do

    Institutional objectives driven through engagement

    Unisurf serves as a focal point for developing and enhancing student engagement through the use of tools and techniques which bridge the gap between universities and students.


    Our platform is a multipurpose tool which enables universities to engage with prospective students up to a year before enrolment, and serves as a tool to maintain engagement and communication with students post enrolment, and throughout the duration of their time as a student.


    With capabilities to target specific points of the student lifecycle, we can identify and offer solutions to specific institutional challenges, such as increasing conversion rates when looking at student recruitment, or improving engagement levels when looking at student experience.

  • Key Features

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Home Page

    Students can read and interact with posts from all users across the university

    University Page

    Students can find all relevant information to do with the university, from open days, to upcoming events

    People Page

    Students can filter through profiles to find other users at the university

    Profile Page

    Students can create their profile with up to 5 images and a short bio

    Chat Page

    Students can communicate with contacts in a private chat box

  • What Universities Are Saying About Us!

    Paolo Taticchi, MBA Professor

    Imperial College London

    "Universities are always looking for ways to more effectively communicate with their students, so an app like Unisurf that not only facilitates this, but also gives the students a platform to network more efficiently amongst themselves would be a great addition to any institution"

    Dr Jummy Okoya, MBA Director

    University Of East London

    "Having worked in the higher education sector for over 20 years, I have a deep appreciation for the importance of connecting with your students. With all the distractions that come with the 21st century, it is more important now than ever to not only get the attention of your students, but to maintain and engage it. Unisurf quite simply, allows universities to do just that. With the growing competitiveness and changes manifesting within the higher education sector, institutions are going to need a way to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the curve . Unisurf can be the tool that allows them to do just that. The higher education sector has been crying out for a disruptor to take on student engagement and experience, and i think it just might be here."

    Daniel Dutton, Head of Student Recruitment

    University of Cumbria

    "Through an initial review with the companies CEO Forsythe, Unisurf has the potential to assist student recruitment through pre and post application conversion, allowing a different approach to engage with prospective students"

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